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We are specialists in organic farming

We transform algae to regenerate soil and optimised crop´s yield

We produce bio-fertilisers and bio-stimulants, 100% vegetable and ecological, with algae and microorganisms that favour the maximum development of crops and plants.

active ingredients

We apply active ingredients from the sea for use in agriculture and the environment


We increase the profitability of crops in a sustainable manner by combination of algae and complex microbes


Our BCB technology is valid for all crops and environments

About us


To help farmers improve the profitability of their crop yields through innovative and environmentally sustainable biological solutions.

The company

Ficosterra is a marine biotechnology company providing new solutions for agriculture.

We use regenerative microorganisms  and transform algae to transfer the active principles of the sea and its benefits to agriculture.

Our name comes from ficos ( meaning algae in Greek) and terra (earth in Latin), and reflects our company´s essence: repurposing algae for its application in agriculture.  

We produce ECOLOGICAL FERTILISERS and BIOLOGICAL FORTIFICANTS, certified by Sohiscert (SHC) that regenerate the soil, stimulate crops, improve their productivity and increase the resistance of plants to environmental stress.

Ficosterra is a spin-off company of Hispanagar S.A., world leader for more than 50 years in the treatment of marine resources for the molecular biology and microbiology industry.

BCB Technology
Technical Basics

We investigate how to best make use of the oldest and most abundant life form: the microbial communities of the earth.

Seaweed (agarophytes)


Colonises, balances and regenerates the environment

The BCB (biological crop booster) technology is applicable to all types of soils and crops; it is 100% ecological and suitable with other fertilisers.

Ficosterra uses this technology to produce a range of biological fertilisers and fortifiers, 100% ecological, without animal remains or chemical elements, to stimulate crops, improve their productivity and the health of the crops.