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We transform seaweed into fertilizers and biostimulants that promote the maximum development of crops

We produce biofertilizers, biostimulants, soil activators and nutrient fixators 100% animal-free and suitable for ecological and conventional agriculture

R + D + i

We investigate and develop
innovative technologies with
active principles from the sea
that beneft agriculture


We increase the profitability
of the crops in a sustainable
and environmentally friendly way


Our products are suitable
for ecological and conventional crops

About us


Ficosterra help farmers increase the yield of thier crops by means of sustainable and cost-effective biological solutions hat ensure better harvests, increase plant resiliency and optimize ROI.


To become global manufacturers of sustainable solutions enhancing crop performance without causing damage to oceans and environment.

The company

Ficosterra is a marine biotechnology company applied to organic and conventional agriculture. We apply our knowledge and biotechnology experience developing prebiotic and probiotic products (biostimulants, biofertilizers and soil activators) based upon different species of seaweeds and microorganisms that favor the development of crops and plants while reducing the planet carbon foot print.

Thanks to our innovation, our labor has been recognized and awarded by different national and international organizations such as the United Nations Development Programme.

Ficosterra was born in 2017 thanks to the success of Hispanagar, one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the purified seaweed extracts. With an extensive knowledge on marine hydrocolloids, Hispanagar started working with agar in the 1950s.

Why use our biostimulants

and fertilizers


Because they increase the efficiency of agronutrients.


Because they will manage to reduce conventional fertilization and at the same time increase the productivity of the crops.


Because they help regenerate the soil and provide more vigor and health to the plant.


And last but not least: they are 100% ECO products that prevent environmental pollution.

What do the
experts think?

Mary Matthews, UNDP/OIC Manager, explains the benefits of the Nutrialgae research project in reducing marine pollution while providing farmers with healthier soils and more abundant harvest.

Do not miss it

Ficosterra presents the testimonials of scientists and agricultural technicians who have led the Nutrialgae research project, the only Spanish project awarded by UNDP/OIC for contributing to SDG14.

National & International Awards

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