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Ficosterra’s “Nutrialgae” research project fulfills the challenge of reducing the application of fertilizers of mineral origin by 30%, protecting the seas and at the same time increasing crop productivity by up to 20%


What is the “Nutrialgae” project about?

One of the consequences of the abuse of fertilizers of mineral origin is the acidification and eutrophication of seas and oceans that receive, from the rivers, the remains of phosphorus and nitrogen not assimilated by the crops.

To find solutions to this serious environmental problem, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) launched the Ocean Innovation Challenge, in 2020, a tool to accelerate progress on SDG14 (reduce pollution of seas and oceans) by identifying innovative, replicable, and scalable public or private projects that promote the restoration and protection of the oceans and coasts, and the promotion of the “blue economy”.



It has been possible to reduce conventional fertilization by up to 30% and maintain crop productivity thanks to the application of biostimulant products, of 100% natural origin manufactured by Ficosterra. In addition, it has been observed how the soils have increased in porosity and capacity to absorb nutrients, salinity has decreased, microbial activity in the ground has been stimulated and less water has been used in the crop.

Finally, we can confirm that an increase in crop productivity between 10% and 20% has been achieved, depending on the physical-chemical characteristics of the soil.


What do the experts think?

Mary Matthews, UNDP/OIC Manager, explains the benefits of the Nutrialgae research project in reducing marine pollution while providing farmers with healthier soils and more abundant harvest.

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Ficosterra presents the testimonials of scientists and agricultural technicians who have led the Nutrialgae research project, the only Spanish project awarded by UNDP/OIC for contributing to SDG14.

In 2020, the Ocean Innovation Challenge launched its first call in which more than 600 projects from all over the world applied. Eight projects were selected. “Nutrialgae”, promoted by Ficosterra, was the only Spanish project included.



The tests were conducted in settings as different as Ensenada (Baja California) or the scorching areas of Mexicali in Mexico, and Casablanca in Morocco.

In collaboration with the Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education of Ensenada, (CICESE. Mexico), GN Productores Navarro (Mexico), and the Hassan II University of Casablanca (Morocco), Ficosterra has carried out some trials on the cultivation of broccoli, in the field and laboratory, to demonstrate that the use of its biostimulants of algae and microorganism extracts, cystium-k ® and ficosagro ®, certified for organic agriculture, allows a significant reduction in the use of fertilizers of mineral origin without reducing crop productivity.


The triple win of Ficosterra

Ficosterra has managed to reduce the use of fertilizers of mineral origin, achieving three benefits:

The environment wins

Profitability is increased

The consumer wins