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Our products, based on seaweed and microorganisms are applied to both organic and conventional crops and are also suitable for use in sports fields.

We have important Succes Cases in different crop environments, backed by technical prescribers and researh centres that confirm the increase in crop production and better sanitary conditions of the plant reducing the organic fertilization up to 30%.

Ecological crops are seen as a productive solution for conscientious people who have decided to take the plunge from conventional agriculture based on chemical fertilization into a more ecological agriculture, whose philosophy is to give back to earth what we take from it.

Nowadays, in order to maintain maximum efficiency in crop yields, it is necessary to make use of new technologies that allow you to benefit from the full potential of the land, without upsetting the environmental balance.

Ficosterra’s mission is to offer farmers innovative solutions, based in seaweed extracts and microorganisms, capable of improving crop yields whilst being respectful of the environment and committed to SGD14.

To this end we have developed new products 100% ecological to contribute to soil regeneration. Thanks to the use of our technologies (BCB, Cystium and Mare) we can reach very competitive production levels, clearly improving crop yields reducing the organic fertilization up to 30%.

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