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Technical fundamentals


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TRD (Total Recovery Deployment)


Ficosterra has developed the exclusive Total Recovery Deployment (TRD) technology for extraction at room temperature and without chemical elements of certain substances present in the cell wall of seaweed.

It uses a gaseous solvent which preserves the purity and integrity of natural phytohormones such as auxins and indoleacetic acid (IAA).

The TRD technology has been awarded a Seal of Excellence by the European Innovation Council for the benefits it brings to sustainable agriculture. It provides a unique option to obtain active principles from algae in an organic, effective, and economical way.

Cystium Technology


Ficosterra meticulously selects algae with exceptional agronomic value, contributing uniquely to the agricultural sector.

Ficosterra carries out responsible harvesting focused on obtaining highly valuable agronomic active components.

Conventional techniques for seaweed extract production lean on chemically harsh methods, yielding some compounds while degrading many other beneficial active principles crucial for plant development.

Ficosterra pioneers novel extraction methodologies, preserving the majority of active principles within the seaweed. Cystium technology prioritizes the extraction of alginates and sulfated polysaccharides, characterized by their low molecular weight—compounds showcasing superior bioactivity compared to traditional elements obtained through conventional extraction techniques like mannitol or alginic acid .

BCB technology (biological crop booster)


The continued use of fertilizers of chemical origin has caused a significant deterioration of soils, disrupting their microbial balance, and causing a loss of competitiveness for the farmer.

The Biological Crop Booster (BCB) technology developed by Ficosterra allows the soil to return to the natural state of microbial life to improve the soil-plant relationship. To do this, it combines microbial complexes to achieve very high densities of soil regenerating microorganisms.

Through a relationship of coexistence, microorganisms conclude the cycle of organic matter, digesting it, and releasing the necessary nutrients for the recovery of soil fertility. These metabolic processes improve crop health, leading to healthier and more abundant crops.


Why use our bioestimulants,

biofertilizers, nutrient fixators

and/or soil activators?

  1. Because they increase the efficiency of agronutrients.
  2. Because they help to reduce the use of fertilizers increasing crop productivity at the same time.
  3. Because they help to regenerate the soil and provide more vigour and health to the plant.
  4. And, last but not least, because they are 100% BIO products, you avoid polluting the environment.

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