Tienda Ficosterra


Technical fundamentals

BCB technology (biological crop booster)


The continued use of fertilizers of chemical origin has caused a significant deterioration of soils, disrupting their microbial balance, and causing a loss of competitiveness for the farmer.

The Biological Crop Booster (BCB) technology developed by Ficosterra allows the soil to return to the natural state of microbial life to improve the soil-plant relationship. To do this, it combines microbial complexes with algae extracts to achieve very high densities of soil regenerating microorganisms.

Through a relationship of coexistence, microorganisms conclude the cycle of organic matter, digesting it, and releasing the necessary nutrients for the recovery of soil fertility. These metabolic processes improve crop health, leading to healthier and more abundant crops.

Cystium Technology (Macrocystis Piryfera)

The Macrocystis Piryfera alga lives along the coasts of the American Pacific, forming dense forests up to 60 m high. It is considered the largest algae in the world, reaching average heights of 40 to 50 meters in length and with a maximum daily growth rate of 60 cm/day.

The habitat in which it develops is characterized by being one of the richest: it houses a multitude of both animal and plant species, which causes the waters in which this alga grows and develops to have a very high concentration of nutrients, as well as a multitude of active principles that allow it to face any type of stress.

This richness and abundance of the environment are transferred to the interior of the algae and endow it with numerous active principles that make it a rich and useful algae for agriculture and the food and pharmacological industry.

Ficosterra uses a specific technology to extract from it certain properties that promoted fruit set and fattening in crops.

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