BCB Technology
Technical basics
We investigate how to best make use of the oldest and most abundant life form: the microbial communities of the earth.

We manufacture and commercialise fertilisers and bio-fertilisers, 100% vegetable and ecological, with algae and microorganisms that favor the maximum development of crops and plants.

Seaweed (agarophytes)


Colonises, balances and regenerates the environment

Biological Crop Booster (BCB)

The continued use of chemical fertilisers has produced a significant deterioration in soil life, upsetting its balance and producing a loss in competitiveness for the farmer.

The BCB technology aims to bring the soil back to its natural microbial state in order to improve the relationship between soil and plant.

The BCB technology combines complex microbes with algae extracts in order to achieve very high densities of microorganisms which have been regenerated by the soil and the water.

Through a relationship of coexistence, the microorganisms close off the circle of organic material, digesting it and freeing the nutrients, allowing the soils to regain fertility. These metabolic processes generate antibiotic elements which are toxic to pathogens and improve the  health of the crops.

With all of this, we have developed a series of bio-fertilisers and biological fortifiers that estimate crops, improving crop yields and improving plants’ resistance to pathogens and environmental stress.

The BCB technology is suitable for all types of soils and crops; it is 100% ecological and compatible with other fertilisers

BCB Technology

agarophytes algae + microorganisms

BCB Technology

agarophytes algae + microorganisms

With this technology ficosterra manufactures a range of fertilisers and biological strengtheners, 100% vegetable, without animal remains or added chemical elements, whose aim is to stimulate crops, improving productivity and increasing plant resistance to pathogens and environmental stress.