Ficosterra, the only spanish company in the BlueBio Value international company acceleration program

Ficosterra has been selected by the Portuguese company Fábrica de Start-Ups to participate in a business acceleration program held in Lisbon (Portugal) during October 2019

Our marine biotechnology business project applied to agriculture has been selected by the Portuguese company Startup Factory to participate in the second edition of Blue BioValue, a business acceleration program that will be developed during October in Lisbon (Portugal).

This company has valued the development of Ficosterra Biological Crop Booster technology as a business source, a technology that unites the benefits of algae and microorganisms to regenerate the soil of our crops and with which it produces biostimulants and organic fertilizers 100% ecological and sustainable with our environment.

Startup Factory

Startup Factory is a Portuguese company created in 2012 to help successful companies by:

  • Identifying business ideas
  • Creating teams
  • Designing business models
  • Looking for customers, etc.

It helps entrepreneurs in the different stages of the business creation process with the assumption that “there are no good ideas without customers who want them” and in the old formula that “95% of the success of an idea lies in its execution.”

Blue Bio Value

Blue BioValue is an international business acceleration program, organized by the Blue Ocean Foundation and the Gulbenkian Gulbenki Foundation in collaboration with Startup Factory, the Bluebio Alliance and Faber Ventures, whose mission is to foster a more blue economy by helping to develop projects and ideas that represent a business opportunity within the marine biological resources chain, including biotechnology, in order to promote the supply of products or services with a positive impact on the sustainability of the ocean.

This year’s edition focuses on finding solutions to the 6 main challenges present today:

  1. Feed a growing population by ensuring sustainable supply systems
  2. Improve your health and well-being
  3. Climate change
  4. CO2 emission reduction
  5. Preserve natural ecosystems, biodiversity, and resource shortages
  6. Promote circular bioeconomics and reduce plastic production and pollution.

Ficosterra has been selected as a Spanish company to participate in this program in which we will have access to workshops, talks, and weekly tutorials given by prestigious professionals in these sectors and a scholarship to participate in the BioMarine Business 2019 Convention as well as the possibility of opting for a prize of €45,000 awarded to the most outstanding business project.

The second edition of Blue Bio Value began on October 8 and will last for five weeks, with November 6 being the “launch” date of each of the participating companies.

A total of 16 companies from countries such as Brazil, Denmark, Canada, India, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and Portugal are the ones that will meet at this meeting in which mentors and speakers such as Eduardo Ruah (Chief Executive Officer at Bernardo Trindade e Matos); Professor at the Catholic University (Portugal); Helena Vieira, professor of marine biotechnology at the University of Lisbon; Alfonso Rebelo de Sousa, expert in visual communication and Master in Business Administration from ISEAD or António Lucena de Faria, Founder and CEO of Startups Factory and professor at the Catholic University of Lisbon SBE.


The Ficosterra business project attended in early 2019 to participate in this Shuttle program. There have been many companies and from all parts of the world who have wanted to opt for this training and networking program.

Ficosterra is the only Spanish company selected and one of the few that provides its business model oriented to biotechnology applied to agriculture. During the selection process, the organization valued the innovation that Ficosterra brings to organic and conventional agriculture, thanks to the manufacture of its fertilizers and liquid biofertilizers based on algae and microorganisms, an innovative, economical, and sustainable alternative with our environment which increases the productivity of crops thanks to the regenerative properties of both elements, a symbiosis never seen, so far, in this sector.

Other participating companies are UFraction8 (United Kingdom), Sea4Us (Portugal), Body Ocean (Portugal), Phabio Enterprises (India), Pura Bioglitter (Brazil), Pure Algae (Denmark), among others.