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The combination of marine algae and microorganisms experiences a powerful synergistic effect between both active ingredients: the microbial part manages to enhance its effects on the soil with an increase of up to three orders of magnitude in the concentration of microorganisms. For their part, the active principles of the algae see their phytostimulant properties enhanced with a multitude of metabolites produced by microorganisms, which translates into a very significant improvement in the development of all phases of plant growth and their resistance against abiotic stress.

Technology: Mare

Soil activator

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Vitamare provides the crop with two active ingredients: seaweed extract and microorganisms.

Vitamare contains a microbial complex based on the bacterial fixation and availability of nutrients. It has a high content of bacteria specialized in Nitrogen fixation, Phosphorus solubilization and Potassium and Iron mobilization.

Vitamare has a high concentration of brown seaweed which is important for reducing plant abiotic stress.

Biostimulant. Soil activator, nitrogen fixer

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Provides the crop with two active ingredients: seaweed and microorganisms based on the bacterial fixation of nutrients. High content of bacteria specialized in Nitrogen fixation and the solubilization of Phosphorus, Potassium, and Iron. Reduce abiotic stress situations in crops.

Technology: Mare

Nutrient fixer

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TerraMare is a liquid bio-stimulant that provides the crop with two active principles: seaweed and microorganisms.

Technology: Mare


Ficosterra provides the farmer with a line of prebiotic products with nutritional elements than favor the proliferation and increase of microbial colonies in the soil, enhancing their synergistic effects and resulting in a greater productive potencial of the soil.


Bio-stimulant with natural auxins

Liquid biostimulant with a high concentration of auxins of natural origin that promote maximum plant growth during all its phenological stages

Technology: TRD

Soluble fertilizer

Fertilizer obtained from giant brown seaweed. cystium-d is rich in potassium, polysaccharides and trace elements.

Technology: Cystium

Bio-stimulant. Crop stress treatment

Liquid biostimulant made from Macrocystis Pyrifera algae. Promps the natural defenses of the crop into action, increases root hairinesss, the germination rate of the crop and favors the fattening phase of the fruit.

Technology: Cystium

Marine amino acids

Liquid biostimulant made from Macrocystis pyrifera seaweed and pelagic protein. Its main functions are: supply of organic nitrogen and provide nutritional support for fertilization

Technology: Cystium


Ficosterra has designed a line of probiotic products that incorporate high doses of microbial colonies into the soil to repopulate poor areas and enhance the digestion of organic matter and the availability of nutrients. As a result, the biodiversity of the soil is increased, the presence of undesirable microorganisms is reduced and the nutricional balance and fertility of the crop improves.

Case studies

Our products based on seaweed and microorganisms are applied to both organic and convencional crops and are also suitable for use in sports fields. We have important Success Cases in different crop environments, backed by technical prescribers and research centres than confirm the increase in production and a sanitary improvement of the plant; all this achieved in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Ecological crops are seen as a productive solution for conscientious people who have decide to take the plunge from conventional agriculture based on chemical fertilisation into a more ecological agriculture, whose philosophy is to give back to earth what we take from it.

Nowadays, in order to maintain maximum efficiency in crop yields, it is necessary to make use of new technologies than allow you to benefit from the full potential of the land, without upsetting the environmental balance. Ficosterra’s mission is to offer farmers innovative solutions capable of improving their crop yields whilst respectful of the environment.

Why use our

biostimulants, biofertilizers,

nitrogen fixatives

and/or soil activators?

  1. Because they increase the efficiency of agronutrients.
  2. Because they help reduce the use of conventional fertilizers while increasing crop productivity.
  3. Because they help regenerate the soil and provide more vigor and health to the plant.
  4. And last but not least, because as they are 100% ECO products, you avoid contaminating the environment.