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Our products based on algae and microorganisms are applied to both organic and conventional crops and are also suitable for use in sports fields, gardens and pots.

We have important Success Cases in different crop environments, backed by technical prescribers and research centres that confirm the increase in production and a sanitary improvement of the plant; all this achieved in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

Ecological crops are seen as a productive solution for conscientious people who have decided to take the plunge from conventional agriculture based on chemical fertilisation into a more ecological agriculture, whose philosophy is to give back to earth what we take from it

Nowadays, in order to maintain maximum efficiency in crop yields, it is necessary to make use of new technologies that allow you to benefit from the full potential of the land, without upsetting the environmental balance.

Ficosterra’s mission is to offer farmers innovative solutions capable of improving their crop yields whilst being respectful of the environment.

To this end we have developed new products 100% ecological to contribute to soil regeneration. Thanks to the use of Biological Crop Booster.echnology and the introduction of organic material coming from algae, we can reach very competitive production levels, clearly improving crop yields

The 100% organic products ficosterra-g®,(bokashi or also called seaweed bocashi), ficosagro®,(biostimulant for plants and crops), and ficosgreen® ((biological accelerator of the metabolism of crops) are the example of the innovation that Ficosterra makes available to farmers to improve the profitability of their crops in a sustainable way.

Horticultural Crops

Hyper-intensive productions

Horticultural crops such as Tomato, Pepper, Courgette, Melon, Watermelon, Lettuce etc. have a high nutritional demand and this is caused principally by the hyper intensive production that they are subject to.


Get to know our products based on algae and microorganisms, an innovative alternative that increases productivity and does not damage the environment.

In order to maintain the most productive crop yield, we should use an organic material which serves as a nutritional reserve during the entire cycle, as well as a chemical fertiliser which can acheive the desired production levels.

The technical solution BCB (Biological Crop Booster), thought up by the microbiological technicians at Ficosterra, optimises the organic and material fertilisation of the crops and therefore clearly enhances the possibility for extracting nutrients and facilitates the mobility of these same nutrients in the soil and roots, through the use of microorganisms and algae which regenerate the soils.

The combination of our products ficosterra-g® (Bocashi algae) and ficosagro® (liquid bio-stimulant for plants and crops) offer a solution which is profitable, innovative and clearly beneficial for the farmer, as it uses the soil where the crops develop to enhance the crop yields.


Citrus is a subtropical crop which means that the climate plays a very important role in the development of the crop and of its cycles. Too low temperatures can cause problems with production and even generate losses.


We achieve high rates of productivity by regenerating soils

The soil where these crops are developed are the first barrier which it has against the stress, which means that a crop on healthy soil will be much more resistant when faced with climatological stress and pathogens..

The use of our products ficosterra-g® (Bocashi algae) and ficosagro® (liquid bio-stimulant for plants and crops) have as their function the regeneration of soils and their improvement, which results in greater resistance to stress situations in the crops, and always bearing in mind that they are 100% recommended for organic farming.

Strawberries and

other berries

The crops of Berries such as Strawberries, Raspberries, or Blueberries are crops with high requirements for organic matter, due to the nutritional qualities that it brings, therefore high quality fertilisers are necessary.


Ficosterra’ products increases crop efficiency and profitability

The BCB (Biological Crop Booster) technology consists of microorganisms that connect the organic matter with the roots of the crops, meaning that its use helps to speed up the metabolism of the organic matter and that these high maintenance crops have their needs met in the quickest manner possible.,

Our products ficosterra-g® (Bocashi algae) and ficosagro® (liquid bio-stimulant for plants and crops) bring the BCB (Biological Crop Booster) technology to the soil, which is capable of allowing the crop access to the organic material, in consequence heightening the efficiency and the productivity of the crop yield.

Deciduous fruit

For these types of crops the fertilizacion before rotting is very important because this process demands a large quantity of nutrients.


Our products offer a better resistance of the plant to diseases and pathogens

A well developed crop will make a stockpile of nutrients during the entire vegetative phase in order to achieve the processes of flowering and bearing fruit.

If during the vegetative phase the tree suffers adverse conditions, its productions could be decreased, because its nutritional reserve would be more limited and as such it would not be able to apply as many resources to production.

Our products ficosterra-g® (seaweed bokashi) and ficosagro® (liquid bio-stimulant for crops) assure the necessary nutrition for the crop yield, as they contain all of the necessary elements for correct fruition..


The grain crops develop mainly in dry conditions. This means that it is a crop with small margins, with a lot depending on the climate.


Our fertilisers and biostimulants offer higher profitability to the farmer

This fact, added to the high cost of organic fertilisation, mean that this type of crop is developed in soils with a low nutritional value and in soils in which chemical fertilisation is its only way of nourishment.

The product ficosagro works on the soil and on applied fertilisation, increasing efficiency and encouraging the movement of the retained nutrients. This permits us to improve the crop conditions at a low cost, and therefore increase its production.


Used for their high capacity for bringing nitrogen to the soil, and as such improving the nutritional quality of the soils, they are a fixed alternative in the dry land farms of today.


Ficosterra fertilisers provide the plant with better absorption of nutrients, so we get healthier and more vigorous crops, while increasing their productivity.

The symbiosis developed in their roots along with rhizobium bacteria is what makes this crop a “green” fertiliser.

The product ficosagro® contains bacteria capable of bringing nitrogen from the atmosphere and ammoniacal nitrogen, enhancing the effect caused by the rhizobium bacteria.

For this reason its use improves not only the crop itself, but also the addition of nitrogen which has already been facilitated.

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